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WELCOME! I'm Kristin Lawrence

I coach Christians seeking to build emotional intelligence & conflict resolution skills so that they can experience healthy relationships at home and in the workplace, instead of being distracted by weak or broken relationships that hold them back from exponential growth.

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Life is all about relationships. We were created to be in relationship and our most important relationships need to be healthy so that we can experience joy and peace in life. Otherwise we can find ourselves distracted by pain and unable to grow personally or professionally. I know this first hand and I found a way out. Now, I help other women get a hold of their emotions and build communication skills so they can experience freedom too.

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Hey there, I am first and foremost a life-long learner of everything I teach. It seems I've taken the long road to understand and experience healthy relationships and maybe that is a good thing, because I can give you everything I know so your journey doesn't have to be as long. 

I've experienced God’s gentle voice describing me as a woman who has the father’s ear and unconditional love. This has been life giving message, because I grew up without an earthly father. (it's also probably a big reason it took me so long to learn about relationship) Anyway, God made sure that I knew he would look out for me and show me the way.  I have countless stories that taught me conflict resolution skills and how to understand and manage my emotions. 

My trials are now my joy as I share these learnings to others,  Are you ready to join me? 

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The key to changing conflict in YOUR life is first understanding how to change the way conflict affects your most important relationships.  Get INSTANT ACCESS now to this powerful guide.

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With a Masters in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, a Narrative Coach Certification, & Relational Wisdom training, I've navigated private & court mediations, diversion programs, group training and individual coaching since 2008. 

I combine systematic conflict resolution and emotional intelligence skills training with coaching to create sustainable change for clients who desire to experience healthy relationships that honors God and unlocks the freedom to excel at all other areas in life.

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